Writing and acting: Dafna Argaman

Directing: Li Lorian

The play is based on a personal story, the story of a girl who was raped by her father.
It describes her personal  journey from childhood to adulthood, as well as shows the challenge to face a society that judges and blames. It also shows the ongoing swing between the wish to die and the joy of living. It brings the repetitive voice that keeps saying sh…sh… so no one can hear.
It is the story of a little girl, a pretty, a young, whose name is Dafna. It is my story and the story of many other girls who got hurt and are still being hurt. The path which I have taken and is described in the play, is the one that has opened a possibility of healing and generated the belief that it is possible to love.
This work draws with minimal and delicate lines the personal story, but also leaves a space for wide empathy. It should also be a wake up call for society to stop shutting its eyes.
This play is suitable for a wide variety of public from 16 onwards. It can take place in varied spaces - small theatre halls, schools, community centers, yards, and open spaces.
A conversation will take place after the play.

About the artists
Dafna Argaman and Li Lorian are mother and daughter.

Dafna Argaman
Dafna is a joyous woman who creates and heals through color, voice, movement and word. A medical clown and a guide through the paths of life. She  supports people in growth and healing processes. She used to volunteer in the center for assisting women who were sexually abused.

Li Lorian
A multi disciplinary artist, who creates mainly through the medium of puppet-and theatre and video.

She graduated from the school of visual theatre in Jerusalem.

Participated in the “Hahamama” puppetry program by the Train theatre.

Had won a studio scholarship in the "Mamuta" art and media center in 2012.

Lives and creates in Jerusalem.

Website: http://cargocollective.com/lilorian

Simultaneous translation - Hanita-Carolin Hendelman
English text speaking. Hanita is a story teller, performing mainly with

"Sal Tarbut" for schools. A speech and drama teacher and therapist.

Her studies were mainly in England and Australia





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